Hello, little cow

Warning: this post is not suitable for vegetarians.


Early in the morning one day last week I received a phone call from a certain restauranteur, let’s call him Steve (which would be wholly appropriate because this is in fact his name). Steve had a beast I might be interested in, a wagyu Black Angus from his own personal specialty herd that slowly marinades in salt against million dollar views of the Southern Ocean outside Apollo Bay. The beast, he explained, had lived a full and good life and was now to be the subject of a bespoke slaughter job. Steve was trialling the idea of directly marketing his beef to local people with a passion for fine local produce and he wanted to know if I might be interested.

I put in an order for 3kg of the cheap cuts (or “the tasty bits”as Steve described them) that I have been cooking with recently and today I was invited into the kitchens of his restaurant La Bimba to examine the produce. Money was exchanged, the deal finalised. Two kilos of chuck and one of topside are now in my possession. So thank you, young Angus for providing us with your flesh. And thank you Steve for growing this animal slowly and lovingly just 15 minutes down the road. Thank you for your commitment to the wellbeing of this animal and your respect for its life’s worth.

Previous adventures at Steve’s business, Otway Harvest, are available for your reading pleasure.


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One Response to Hello, little cow

  1. Redshoearist says:

    If all animals were treated & slaughtered in this manner, I’d eat a lot more meat than I do. It’s the way they’re are slaughtered these days that puts me off buying meat. I wish there were more Steve’s in this world.