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Old school: Vinter’s Chicken

I grew up in a big rambling weatherboard house on a quarter acre block in the Melbourne suburb of Surrey Hills. My mum, dad, brother and I lived in the old part of the house. I remember pine floor boards, … Continue reading

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Comfort food: Chicken noodle soup

By and large, I don’t really do maternal guilt. Well, at least not much. Not for me, the hand- wringing, the constant self second – guessing and personal recriminations. Maternal guilt is the first step on the path to martyrdom, … Continue reading

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Family table: grilled honey chicken with Thai green beans

When I was first pregnant with my son, we had invited guests to lunch. It may have been nearly a decade ago now, but for various reasons (other than my savant-like food memory) I remember what we served them: pan-fried … Continue reading

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Bright Moments: Stir Fried Chicken with Thai Basil and Red Chili

Transcribed from my notebook as I sat at the beach this evening: Sometimes, blissfully ecstatic experiences arise unexpectedly. It’s 40 degrees outside, or so they say and it sure feels like it. Our cheaply – built little house with it’s … Continue reading

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The Art of War: Chicken and chili soup, Chinese style

My mind has long been at war with my body. Primarily the battle has been purely psychological, but three weeks ago after a long period of escalating tensions,  my body and I entered Def-con One. War broke out. For the … Continue reading

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Chicken wontons

The best thing about the Geelong ring road is that is possible to get from Apollo Bay to Yum Cha in Melbourne in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Yum Cha is the ultimate family eating experience. There is minimal waiting … Continue reading

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Balinese chicken salad

When you’re travelling with kids there are obvious culinary allowances you have to make, especially in south east Asia. Our kids go to bed pretty early so we can’t eat late. We tend to eat at relatively ‘safe’ (read: sanitary) … Continue reading

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Orange and tarragon roast chicken with Vanessa’s squash

One of my pet peeves is produce snobs -you know, people (by which I mostly mean TV chefs) who rhapsodise over the glories of an invariably expensive and impossible to obtain product. Quite often they will even tell you that … Continue reading

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Salted Chicken

There is a place on Russell Street (I know many of you know it),wedged unpromisingly between the porn shop and the disposals. It’s called Nam Loong and, on an analysis of cost to gastronomic return it is hands down my … Continue reading

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Vietnamese chicken (or tofu) and mango stir fry

Really lovely Vietnamese stir fry with delicate sweet and sour flavours. Chicken, mangoes, snow peas, cashew nuts,tomatoes and lime. Continue reading

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